Among the other services Caffè Biondi offers, there are our customization services:



The coffee packaging can be realized with the logo of the company which requires it, a much used technique today, because it allows a customized product to enter directly in the large distribution.
This service is one of the examples that represent Caffè Biondi’s goal to always offer products that keep up with the customers’ demands.



This same service can be applied to:



– Cups

– Bar Napkins

– Sugar Sachets



Caffè Biondi offers services for signboard making:

An expert, who goes to the customer’s business, designs a signboard meeting the requirements, considering all aspects of the matter, from the materials to the dimensions, and last but not least, the colours.




Among Caffè Biondi’s partners there is also an expert that creates everything that the customers need, from the furnishing of a simple counter to a more complicated project, with the utmost professionalism and patience.