Among the many different kind of coffee, the beverage obtained from grinding the seeds of some species of small tropical trees, the most common (commercially speaking) are two: Coffea Arabica, Coffea Robusta.

The Arabica species is indigenous of Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya, and can be grown at different latitudes, in fact there are varieties of Arabica from all around the world. The Robusta species is indigenous of Tropical Africa, between Uganda and Guinea, is a very adaptable variety, in fact it can grow even at altitudes below 700 meters in height.







Before becoming the final product, the raw material gets treated.
The productive system that permits the commercialization is the roasting, managed by the one we call “the man who smells like coffee”.
The roasting is the system with which the roast machine cooks the raw coffee, turning it into grain coffee. This way we will get the typical black bean of coffee that we are used to see.

Depending on the temperature and the different types of roast, you will get a different product, with a different taste, aroma and intensity of colour. Caffè Biondi buys, wash and selects the green coffee and, once in the factory, it is stocked and examined by our experts, before being roasted.
During this step, the roasting reduces to a minimum the bacteria and the harmful effects of coffee. After a resting period, the grain coffee destined to the Ho.Re.Ca. Distribution is packaged, while the coffee for Moka Pots, for the Pads (with ecological filters) and for the Compatible Capsules has to be grinded first.

The packaging colour depends on the blend: Black for Bar, Gold for Pearl, Burgundy for Amber, Purple for Propaganda; or else the products can be packaged in Standard Silver Bags, Pinkish Gold or personalized ad hoc with the customer’s logo.

The freshness of the products is ensured by the use of thermostatic valves, which keep the coffee essential oils, and only release them when opening the envelope. The whole production process, given its extreme complexity and delicacy, is subject to strict hygienic-sanitary controls.








Caffè Biondi is in constant change, a dynamic company always ready to adapt to the Market changes. These adjustments were not made solely on the commercial area, but on the productive system as well, right when the company was undergoing the process to receive the quality certification.

So Caffè Biondi obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification at first, then, thanks to the steadiness of the annual checks, the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.
Because of its politics and the firm intention of continue to be a certified company, one of Caffè Biondi’s core goals is to keep conquering the levels of quality certifications.