Since 2017 Caffè Biondi hosts in its factory a cafeteria school, where a coach will have classes, aimed at teaching one of the most fascinating work of the coffee world: the Barista. It is just apparently an easy and immediate job, for who doesn’t know well the coffee culture.
In fact, unless you want to take the risk of having a customer saying “Ugh, this is rubbish”, you can’t “improvise” to be a barista, but you have to learn from experts.

The courses are structured in three levels:


Basic course in which you learn to properly use a coffee machine, and how to make a good coffee.



Upper level course for a barista who is already capable of making a good coffee but that wants to offer a superior product to its clients. During the course you will be taught all the techniques that will allow you to become a qualified barista.


Course for who wants to excel in its work and wants to keep up with the times, where you will be taught how to decorate coffee and the cappuccino art, you will be taught how to make a coffee cocktail and how to make a perfect cold frothed milk, for a good iced cappuccino; to offer products that go beyond the traditional offer of the typical bar.

To meet the need of the trainees to combine the opening hours of their bars/cafeterias with the timetables of the classes, Caffè Biondi is also available for courses directly in the customer’s business.