Biondi Coffee Roastery was born
in Monterotondo (Rome) in 1966,
by the work of Alberto Biondi.
Those were the fabulous Sixties,
the years of the “Italian Economic Miracle”,
when everything
that had been produced
joined a great market of commercial expansion.

The company, a small but still very reliable family business, was established in the factories where, before the advent of industry, there were fields of tulips. Because of this, during the traditional festival of this flower, for many years the company was present, often represented by Alberto Biondi, with great pride for his family.

In 1979, Biondi Coffee Roastery was acquired by Achille Salvatori who, fascinated by the possibilities of this business, embarked on this new working experience together with his brother Elvio Salvatori, currently Commercial Director and Head Salesman for Lazio and Sardinia. Today Achille Salvatori administrates old customers’ deals, an important and complex role, like rebuilding a puzzle with pieces collected during a 50 years old story.

It’s not difficult to imagine how the Sole Administrator Andrea Salvatori, Achille’s son, grew up at strict contact with the coffee business since he was a child, when he spent his summer vacations in the roastery to learn the job. After professional studies and after covering different roles in the company:

– from workman to administrative and commercial tasks
– in 2013 he became the Sole Administrator of Caffè Biondi Srl.

The long experience behind him has allowed him to understand the employees and customers; furthermore, Andrea has refined his administrative skills, thanks to the use of some marketing strategies, which have resulted in changes inside the company, motivating the team that has been managing for years the customers like bars and restaurants.




The coffee by Caffè Biondi Srl are artisanal products of excellent quality, that has its secret in the combination of the Espresso tradition – full-bodied taste, dense and creamy, with intense scent, dark amber color – and the dynamism, the constant innovation of our offer, always conforming the Market demands.

One example is the realization of the new packaging, in new glamorous colors and a considerably compact size.
The products we introduce in the market are the fruits of much care during all the steps of the productive process, from the choice of high quality raw materials coming from countries like Colombia, Uganda, India, Camerun, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Brazil, to the final realization of the product implemented through the roasting system.




The extra value added by Caffè Biondi Srl lies in the significant improvement that the company has made in the research and development field, adopting the so-called mentality of the Win-Win, the business management philosophy of professor Stephen Covey, whose highlights are self-confidence, trust in external relations, and trust in the team.
Covey’s philosophy allowed Caffè Biondi to deeply change the working mentality, preparing the company for the global market. For this purpose the staff has been trained with specific courses by coach of national and international level, which have permitted to improve the teamwork, to renew the company identity, reformulating the roles of the employees and opening up the company to new frontiers, not only the wholesalers sector, but even tobacco shops and pharmacies.